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Chrissy Teigen Was the Best Part of Jesus Christ Superstar, & She Wasn’t Even in It

When John Legend took the stage last night for NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar Live!, his biggest fan was tuning in. Among the 9.4 million people who watched the live musical special was Legend’s wife and soon-to-be second-time baby mama, Chrissy Teigen, and suffice it to say, she had a really great time. And so did all of us who discovered that the best part about the special wasn’t actually the special — it was Teigen’s live tweeting.

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Teigen’s commentary started early, before the broadcast even began…

… and continued through the opening number when Legend was revealed.

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She didn’t seem to follow the plot too well, but that only added to the hilarity.

But Teigen’s real shining moment for the night may have come after the performance wrapped, when other celebrities started to weigh in with their own opinions about the show. One of those was Bill O’Reilly, who thought it was appropriate to comment on some of the performer’s… tattoos?

“Watching JC Superstar on NBC. Who knew Jesus of Nazareth ran a tattoo parlor? Geez.” he tweeted.

Teigen was quick with the clapback.

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“Yes the shop specializes in coverups that aren’t 32 million dollars,” she wrote. Teigen was savagely referring to the $32 million O’Reilly and his then-network, Fox, paid to sexual harassment victims in early 2017 in order to keep them from speaking out. The settlement later became public, and O’Reilly was fired.

While O’Reilly wasn’t particularly impressed, he seemed to be in the minority. Jesus Christ Superstar performed better in the ratings than other recent TV musicals, including A Christmas Story. It also beat out The Passion, Fox’s Easter special offering from two years ago. While it didn’t outrank NBC’s last musical, Hairspray, network execs acknowledged it was at a little bit of a disadvantage, airing on a Sunday and a national holiday. It did pull in more viewers than the network has seen during the Sunday night time slot in two years (excluding sports and the Golden Globes), making it a huge success for NBC, tattoos and all.

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