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What to Watch on Netflix in April

Firing up Netflix each month is like opening a bag of goodies: There are always lots of new movies to treat yourself to and it feels like each one is even better and more enjoyable than the last one. That feeling looks like it’s set to continue in April, when Netflix is bringing to its platform a bunch of familiar titles you’ve either seen in theaters or on television along with our favorite part, the Netflix originals.

Netflix is really kicking butt with its seemingly never-ending list of original movies, documentaries and TV shows. Some are purely fictional, like the gritty family drama 6 Balloons, and some are documentaries, like Mercury 13 about the NASA program to train female astronauts that was ended when the women outperformed the men. When we say there’s a lot of great original material coming to Netflix in April, we really mean it, you guys.

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That said, here are our top picks for streaming on Netflix this April.

April 6

6 Balloons

With all the action taking place over one night, Katie (Abbi Jacobson) drives her heroin-addict brother Seth (Dave Franco) and his 2-year-old daughter around the city looking for a rehab center for him to get off drugs.


When a rising basketball star, Terron (Michael Rainey Jr.), is plucked out of eighth grade by a recruiter (Josh Charles) to play basketball for an elite college, he faces the pressures of trying to make it into the pros.

Orbiter 9

Helena (Clara Lago) has spent nearly her entire life alone on spaceship. Sparks fly, however, when she meets a handsome engineer (Álex González), who turns her universe upside down.

Orbiter 9
Image: Netflix

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Ram Dass, Going Home

For decades, this beloved spiritual teacher has helped others contemplate death and dying in unconventional and uplifting ways. Now, Dass is in his last years after suffering a life-changing stroke and coming to terms with his own death. This film takes a look at how Dass has deepened his spiritual practice at his home in Maui while staying positive and finding the beauty that exists in each and every moment.

April 20


Matt (Jason Sudeikis) reunites with his estranged dad (Ed Harris) to develop his final rolls of Kodachrome film at the very last Kodachrome lab before it shutters. Elizabeth Olsen also stars.

Mercury 13

This documentary tells the true story of the 13 women who trained in 1961 to be astronauts. When it turned out the women were performing better than the men on their tests, NASA ended the women’s program and deemed only men could go into space.

Mercury 13
Image: Netflix

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April 25


Psychokinesis is the term for the ability to move objects with your mind. This film from South Korea is about a man who discovers he has these crazy powers and must use them to save his vulnerable daughter when he learns her life is at stake.

April 27

Candy Jar

Candy Jar
Image: Netflix

Christina Hendricks and Helen Hunt star in this film about a high school debate team that turns into a showdown for two students. One is a shy girl from the wrong side of the tracks and the other from an upper-class background. As the state championship looms, the two must learn to put their differences aside and work together.

The Week Of

Starring Adam Sandler, Rachel Dratch and Chris Rock, this comedy is about a working-class dad (Sandler) who struggles to give his daughter the wedding of her dreams while constantly getting undermined by the rich father of the groom (Rock). Anything that can go wrong does in the week before the actual nuptials.

The Rachel Divide

Rachel Dolezal sparked a fierce debate about race and identity politics when she said she identified as African-American despite being Caucasian. This documentary goes deep into the debate, trying to answer the question of what it really means to be black (or white) in America in 2018.

Bobby Kennedy for President

Using archival footage that’s been digitized for the very first time, this four-part documentary series tells the inspiring and heartbreaking story of Robert F. Kennedy as he worked to be the next president of the United States before being assassinated. This series also includes new interviews with those close to Kennedy, including William Vanden Heuvel, Dolores Huerta, Rep. John Lewis, Harry Belafonte and Paul Schrade.

Bobby Kennedy for President
Image: Netflix

Make sure to keep some room clean in your queue for these exciting titles.

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