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Should We Put Out a New Couple Alert for Justin Theroux & Aubrey Plaza?

It’s only been a month since Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced they were splitting up, and the attention to both Aniston and Theroux’s movements in that time has been, to put it mildly, eagle-eyed. Many of us have become amateur sleuths, following both Aniston and Theroux’s movements, trying to catch a glimpse of their faces in a private moment to see if we can really tell how they’re handling this breakup.

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So, it would seem only natural that we’re now all wildly curious (myself included) what the real deal is with Theroux and Aubrey Plaza, who were spotted hanging out together in New York City earlier this week. The Daily Mail focused with laser-like intensity on the longtime friends (Theroux had a short stint on Parks & Recreation, the show that served as Plaza’s breakout), wondering if this was just a chill hangout or if they were, you know, hanging out. The Mail also posted some photos of Theroux and Plaza, who paparazzi caught strolling down a New York City street as they seemed to just be having an amicable chat.

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Let’s take a beat and assess this situation, shall we? First off, these photos are interesting, but they’re not definitive proof that Theroux and Plaza are an item. Sure, it’d be cool if these two people, who have known each other for a long time and seem comfortable in one another’s company, suddenly got together; who doesn’t love love? But we shouldn’t get too excited about the possibility, especially when a source told People magazine that “they met to discuss a potential film project.”

In fact, this feels like yet another instance of Theroux’s post-Aniston life continuing to fascinate us. He’s taken an interesting route back to singledom, still making public appearances, hanging out with friends, posting on Instagram and just living his life — like a normal person.

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It’s also a little unfair to bring Plaza, who has kept her romantic life mostly away from the public eye over the years, into this whole speculative mess as well. Let her do her thing, people! She’s busy gearing up for the release of the second season of her hit show, Legion, marching with her other Parks & Rec friends and just living her life; she should just be allowed to just that.

So, yes, hats off to these two if this is more than just a business meeting and friendly hangout. But if it’s not, then we should just let ’em be.

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