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Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Are Planning for the Future With a New Home Purchase

While there’s been talk of these two getting serious for quite some time, we have had many hard-and-fast indicators that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were in it for the long haul — aside from celebrating their one-year anniversary recently. True, that’s no mean feat, but when it feels like there’s a story circulating darn near every other day that these two are thinking of marriage or possibly having kids, we need something a little more concrete to hang onto that tells us just how serious these lovebirds are.

And now, we have that indicator.

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Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Lopez and Rodriguez bought an apartment together in New York City and they paid — brace yourself — approximately $15.316 million for it. I mean, if that’s not commitment, at least in the world of celebrities, then I don’t know what is. You don’t just go halvesies on a $15-plus million apartment if you’re not sure the person you’re buying it with is someone truly special.

From the sound of the listing, this is also not just any piddly love nest in the city that’s been hyped up, either. The pad is located on the very clutch Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan and boasts 4,000-plus square feet with three bedrooms, four-and-a-half- baths and a library. A library, people. What could be more serious than buying a luxe apartment that includes a freaking library? There are also views that overlook Central Park, a doorman, marble floors and countertops and maybe the most clutch feature of all (especially for chilly NYC days): heated floors in the bathroom. Pure bliss.

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Buying this apartment is big news for J.Lo and A-Rod, who continue to show us each and every day just how committed they are to one another. After a year together, the couple has already introduced their children from previous marriages to one another, have begun living together (which will no doubt continue with this new apartment), teamed up on various charitable endeavors, including giving relief and aid to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irma, vacationed together, become involved in one another’s professional lives and so forth. Lopez is even dropping off all the kids (hers and Rodriguez’s) at school — how cute is that? Basically, they’re knocking down relationship milestones left and right, and this apartment purchase seems to prove they are set on building a life and future together.

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As far as I can tell, the only way is up for these two, and right now, whatever “up” is looks pretty darn wonderful.

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