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John Legend’s Most Hilarious Tweets

John Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, have always been #couplesgoals because they never take themselves too seriously. They banter back and forth on social media, which gives fans an inside glimpse into their home life, even with their big careers in the entertainment industry.

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Legend is set to take on the biggest role of his career on Sunday. He’s playing Jesus in NBC’s big spring musical, Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert. The rock musical, with music written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, follows the last week of Jesus’ life from Jerusalem to the crucifixion.

Since it’s a pretty heavy role for the musician, we decided to take a look at the lighter side of Legend’s personality when it comes to social media. His dry sense of humor and quick-wit game is strong. It has to be — he has to keep up with Teigen.

Here are some of his most hilarious tweets.

1. He knows his lyrics

Legend reassures a fan that he won’t mess up Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert by quoting from one of Lloyd Webber’s songs.

2. The tale of the toilet

When Teigen came home to find one of their toilets missing, the internet immediately wondered what was happening in their household. It was up to Legend to save the day in a series of tweets about their commode.

3. He’s not ready to be worshipped

He might be playing Jesus, but he’s not ready for all the religious relics just yet.

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4. That flight to nowhere

Remember that disastrous flight to nowhere in December? Legend and Teigen were trying to fly to Tokyo, but after an unticketed passenger was discovered on the flight, the entire plane had to go back to Los Angeles. It was over eight hours in the air for nothing. It was a good thing the couple had a great sense of humor about it.

5. He’s profound even in a joke

Wait, did you know that 11 p.m. starts the 12th hour of the day? Thank goodness we have Legend to straighten us out.

6. Because we need as many Jesus Christ Superstar jokes as possible

Just when you think Teigen dropped the mic, her husband comes in with the final mic drop.

7. Every husband needs a little help

Good thing Twitter is here to help Legend out.

8. Don’t serve salad on Thanksgiving

Even though the West Coast apparently loves salad as a side dish for Thanksgiving, that’s not up Legend’s alley at all. He seems to be happier with the East Coast, Midwest and South eating cornbread, mac and cheese and green bean casserole.

9. Tweeting to his full potential

When Apple had a software glitch, consumers discovered that a capital “I” turned into a question-mark symbol. It only took Twitter users to help him to fix the problem, but don’t ever limit John Legend again, Apple.

10. Legendary Teigen-Legend tweets

We all remember the Arthur tweets, don’t we? It takes a strong man to admit he looks like the cute cartoon character.

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11. He aligns with Miss Piggy

When Kermit the Frog disses Teigen, it’s Miss Piggy and Legend who create an alliance and discuss getting matching tattoos.

12. Whatever it takes for banana bread

When Teigen negotiated Legend’s underwear, a Becca makeup palette and an autographed cookbook for six overripe bananas to bake into banana bread, it was Legend who stepped in to show his real-world priorities.

13. He’s just like us

It’s kind of hard to believe Legend watches low-budget commercials like the rest of us, but he does. When a famous TV-advertised law firm went through a breakup, Legend knew the infamous song and who won that battle.

14. Sometimes it gets political

It’s no secret that Legend isn’t a fan of the Trump administration. After a barrage of now-typical insulting tweets on President Trump’s account, Legend chimed in on his own account with a snarky, but funny, comment about first lady Melania Trump’s anti-bullying platform.

15. He’s GIF-able

There’s nothing better than a GIF-off between Legend and comedian Neal Brennan. It’s a very long thread that’s worth falling down the rabbit hole over.

Don’t miss John Legend in Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert at 8/7c on Sunday on NBC.

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