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Grey’s Anatomy Stars Might Make Crossover Cameos on This New Show

Between tragic character deaths and untimely departures, Grey’s Anatomy has conditioned its fans to roll with the punches over the years. So, when we get actual good news, it feels gratifying — as though our patience and loyalty (read: countless nights of ugly-crying on the couch) is finally paying off. Well, this is one of those days, friends. According to Station 19 showrunner Stacy McKee, the firefighter spinoff could very well include many more crossover cameos from our favorite faces at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

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Shondaland introduced the fiery new series on Thursday, further exploring Ben Warren’s decision to pursue his passion by giving up surgery to run into burning buildings. In addition to Ben’s backstory in recent episodes, Grey’s cued up Station 19 by introducing the female lead, Andy Herrera (played by Rosewood‘s Jaina Lee Ortiz).

Then, during Station 19‘s two-hour premiere, both Meredith and Bailey made crossover cameos. Naturally, this fosters a sense of excitement and expectancy among fans. Can we expect regular crossovers? Which Grey’s characters could make appearances?

McKee gave a promising answer during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter when asked whether April’s ex, a paramedic named Matthew, would play a larger role in the spinoff.

“I’m open to any and all cross-pollination of that nature,” McKee said. “Matthew was incredible, paramedic Nicole [played by Nicole Cummins] has always been exciting. There are so many of those characters that have popped into the Grey’s universe. I’ve been there for all of them; I was on Grey’s for every season. I have all of those on my radar. You never know when you might see them.”

While McKee played a little coy there, she makes the connection between the two shows even more clear further into the interview, saying, “I wanted this to work as a companion piece — to be a happy sibling to Grey’s — because it’s supposed to be a spinoff and they’re supposed to work hand-in-hand.”

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So, not only do we get to see more of our beloved Grey’s cast, but we also get to see them interacting with new and intriguing characters. Luck may be on our side this year (you know, aside from losing both April and Arizona).

If we had our druthers, here are five Grey’s favorites we’d like to get an extra dose of during Station 19.


Grey's Anatomy Jo
Image: ABC

Now that Jo can finally breathe without worrying about her abusive ex, we want to see more of her! She and Alex are on steady footing now, and her career is going great. It would be nice to see her take point on some of the potential patients being brought in by Station 19.


Grey's Anatomy Alex
Image: ABC

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to squeeze in more Alex time each week? Since he is always so invested in his pediatric patients, we can easily see an arc involving a young burn patient.


Grey's Anatomy April
Image: ABC

OK, so fine, whatever… they say Sarah Drew is leaving Grey’s (we’re not pouting, you are). But what if the big surprise here is that April is leaving the show to join Station 19? She left the hospital the first time she suffered a crisis of faith, so this isn’t that big of a stretch.


Grey's Anatomy Owen
Image: ABC

Owen’s military training already puts him at an advantage when it comes to thinking on the fly and being creative in the field. Maybe Ben will rope him into helping out as soon as an ambulance pulls into the bay.

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Grey's Anatomy Stephanie
Image: ABC

You’re probably thinking, “But wait, didn’t Stephanie leave the show?” And you’d be right. She’s currently starring in the HBO series Here and Now. Still, she’ll undoubtedly have downtime between seasons, and it’s not like she can’t return to Grey’s. She wasn’t killed off; rather, she chose to leave after staying in a burning building to save a young patient. See? Plenty of doctor/firefighter crossover potential there.

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