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The Big Bang Theory Cast Is as Heartbroken Over the Show’s Inevitable End as We Are

It got pretty emotional at Paleyfest earlier this week when the cast of The Big Bang Theory was asked about the series’ 12th season, which is likely its last, although that’s unconfirmed by CBS. Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, saying goodbye sucks. I mean, how would you feel if you had to say goodbye to the TV family you’ve spent more than a decade working with? Count me out, because that’s a goodbye I can’t fathom being OK with.

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And yet, that’s exactly what some of the TBBT cast had to do while speaking with Us Weekly at Paleyfest. Johnny Galecki, one of the show’s stars, could only relate it to the ending of another monumental show he was a part of: Roseanne. “When we finished on Roseanne, I was very rudderless afterwards. Granted, I was much younger then too,” he told Us Weekly. “I don’t know, dread is a strong word, but there’s definitely a lot of reluctance. We spent thousands of days, literally, in the same room together as a unit, as a family. So, to not wake up and not have that to go to is going to be very jarring, I’m sure.”

But Galecki did manage to tell Us Weekly what he hoped the series finale would include if and when the time comes: “I hope they write something emotional, because I know we’re all gonna be crying anyway. So you might as well make it appropriate! Capture that on camera, write that to be conducive to the fact that we’re all gonna be blubbering messes that night.”

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Galecki’s castmate Kunal Nayyar had a vision for the series finale, when it finally does come, that’s a little more concrete but still pretty emotional. “I think it would be great for all the guys and the girls just to be in the living room eating Chinese food. Wouldn’t that be a loving last scene? Just talking nonsense in the end,” Nayyar told Us Weekly. Nayyar’s idea of the best way to end TBBT is actually kinda perfect if you think about it. Having the characters go out on an image that fans have grown to love over the years makes so much sense.

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Of course, the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre, has the best idea for how to end it — and it’s one I think most fans will agree on. “My goal and dream for many years now is just to be diligent and make every episode the best episode we can make it,” Lorre said. Just making good TV and creating memorable moments for the cast and fans of TBBT to cherish forever? That sounds like the best kind of goodbye imaginable.

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