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A New Spice Girls Movie Might Actually Be Happening & We’re Ready for It

Ask a ’90s girl how her day is going today, and she’ll probably flash you a peace sign and tell you it’s the best day in decades. Why, you might ask? Because there might be a new Spice Girls movie coming, and it sounds amazing.

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Unfortunately, it’s not a Spice World part two. The idea that’s being floated around is an animated movie, and all five Spice Girls have already “signed off on their likenesses being used for a superhero-themed movie working off of the ‘girl power’ message,” according to Variety. A feminist message with cartoon superheroes created to be modeled after the Spice Girls! Plus, each character will be voiced by her respective Spice Girl and “feature a ‘girl power’ unique to that group member that reflects each girl’s personality.” Are you screaming yet? I’m screaming.

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This comes on the heels of some pretty persistent rumors about a Spice Girls reunion that keep turning out to be false. And it makes sense that the rumors could have been sparked by this project, since it’s kind of a reunion without being a reunion. Think about it: The Spice Girls could totally record their parts for this movie without being in the same places at the same times, which is better for their busy schedules. So, they’re working together, but it’s the typical reunion we’re used to.

But the most exciting thing about this new project is how seriously on point it is. The “girl power” theme is one that inspired so many women and girls when the Spice Girls took over the scene in the ’90s. We’re all grown up now, but we’re still carrying those messages with us today. We know how powerful women are. We’re watching it play out in things like the Time’s Up movement and #MeToo. That’s also why this is the perfect time for this movie to happen. Girl Power is having a serious moment right now, and this is the Spice Girls’ chance to inspire a whole new generation of girls who weren’t around yet during their initial world takeover.

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While this news isn’t confirmed just yet, we’re hopeful that this project will come together. And if it does, we’ll be first in line for that girl power.

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