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There Is a Small Chance Becca’s Season of The Bachelorette Could Be Canceled

Hasn’t poor Becca Kufrin been through enough? ABC already aired her horrifically drawn-out (and exploitive) breakup, unedited, during the season finale special of The Bachelor. It was legitimately difficult to watch because Kufrin’s pain was so raw and so real. And then, for some reason, she accepted the role of Bachelorette for the series’ upcoming season, even though pretty much everyone agreed that The Bachelor did her dirty for their own personal gain.

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And now… this. Appearing on Kaitlyne Bristowe’s podcast Off the Vine, Chris Harrison, the godfather of The Bachelor, made this incredibly rude joke about canceling Kufrin’s season if former Bachelor Ben Higgins agreed to come back for another season.

“If Ben would come back… I would cancel Becca’s season right now,” Harrison said. “If Ben said, ‘Hey, dude, let’s do this.’ But it would be really hard for me. He’s a good friend of mine. Ben’s a very good friend of mine. I love him dearly. We hang out a lot. We’ll go play golf. We talk a lot. We’ve been through personal stuff together.”

I am all for Higgins having another run at being the Bachelor. His season ended well when he got engaged to Lauren Bushnell, and it seemed to genuinely break his heart when they broke up last May. He appeared on the spin-off Bachelor: Winter Games, but on that show, you could see that he was still torn up about the end of his relationship with Bushnell, and he ended up leaving early, telling Harrison that being back on TV was dredging up memories he wasn’t ready to face and that he wasn’t ready to date again. Plus, Higgins was one of the kindest and most likable Bachelors we’ve ever seen. It would be great to have him back on the show.

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But he can return after Kufrin finishes her season. After everything ABC has already put her through, for Harrison to suggest canceling her season to give Higgins another shot, even in jest, is beyond the pale. Everything ABC has done to Kufrin suggests she’s nothing to them but a prop for ratings. Her feelings and emotions have been toyed with and cast aside time after time. If I were her, I’d ditch the show now and go find a hot husband on Instagram. She’s plenty famous at this point. There’s no shortage of quality men who would welcome her into their DMs.

Becca, if you’re listening, here are some suggestions. Take your pick of Instagram’s most eligible hotties and leave ABC for good. You deserve better.

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