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Which Winona Ryder Character Said This Sarcastic Line?

OK, full disclosure: I love Winona Ryder on a very deep level. She has played some of the most memorable characters in the last 30-plus years, from Lydia Deetz in Beetlejuice to Lelaina Pierce in Reality Bites to her recent work on Stranger Things playing Joyce Byers, a role which has helped earn her a career renaissance of sorts. Ryder has somehow perfected playing women who are tough, intelligent, sarcastic, wry, independent and both very cool and unaware of just how cool they are. I find that at various points while watching a movie with Ryder in it, regardless of the film, I feel unsure whether I want to be friends with her or actually be her.

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Luckily for us diehard Ryder fans, this year we get to celebrate the 30th anniversary of two of Ryder’s most well-known, career-making films: Beetlejuice and Heathers. In each of these films, Ryder puts her trademark sarcasm into the young women she plays, Lydia and Veronica Sawyer, respectively. Neither Lydia nor Veronica has time to suffer fools, and both use their intelligence and their wit as weapons against their foes and to their advantage. Better still, they can reel off spectacular one-liners and fire off well-timed comebacks with aplomb, making them two of the most interesting characters in recent memory (or so I think, at least).

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And so, on this very special occasion, I think we should celebrate Ryder and some of the more sarcastic, wry and insightful characters she has played over the years — including Lydia and Veronica — with the following quiz. Below, you’ll find iconic lines that Ryder’s characters from Beetlejuice, Heathers, Reality Bites, Little Women and Girl, Interrupted have delivered.

Think you can match the line with the right character? If so, proceed and test your memory on all things Winona Ryder.

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