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Roseanne Barr Is Peak Roseanne on Jimmy Kimmel Live & It’s Perfection

We’re just days away from the premiere of the Roseanne revival, and Roseanne Barr and her costars are hard at work promoting the show — not that they need it, because Barr’s personality alone is enough to make people tune in. She and John Goodman recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to drum up viewers for the reboot, and even though they touched on some pretty controversial subjects, Barr was a delight.

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Of course, her support for Donald Trump was one of the first things Kimmel brought up once he had Barr in the hot seat. Barr is peak Roseanne in her crocheted flower scarf and socks-and-Birkenstocks combo, and we are so here for it.

We’re also here for how she handled herself in the face of Kimmel’s tough questioning. It’s no secret that Barr, as a Trump supporter, is in the minority in Hollywood. So, when Kimmel started asking her about her disdain for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, she knew she was in for a tough night.

“Weren’t you, like, a good friend of Hillary Clinton’s at one point?” Kimmel asked. Barr tried to get out of answering, but eventually admitted, “Yeah, I was.”

When Kimmel asked her what changed her mind, she leaned over to Goodman and whispered, “Why is he asking me this question?”

Check out the video to see Kimmel ask Barr about her notorious Twitter rants, too — something we’ve all wondered about, just admit it. You’ll also get to see Barr flip off Kimmel, because she is never anything but hilariously, unapologetically herself.

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While Barr’s politics may not be something everyone can agree on, that’s OK — politics are something literally no one ever agrees on. Barr’s hilarious blue-collar character is so relatable, and we can’t wait to have Roseanne back on our TVs starting Tuesday.

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