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Elizabeth Olsen Doesn’t Even Recognize Herself in This Airbrushed Picture

Elizabeth Olsen is definitely a breakout star of the Avengers franchise. She’s always lived a little bit in the shadow of her child star-turned-fashion mogul sisters, twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, but in more recent years, she’s come into her own and proven she has serious acting chops.

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But in the latest promotional materials for The Avengers: Infinity War, Olsen doesn’t look quite like herself. She pointed that out on Instagram, calling out Empire magazine for airbrushing her on the cover until she was hardly recognizable.
“Does this look like me?” she wrote in the caption. Truthfully, no. Not at all. Olsen is the latest woman in Hollywood to fall victim to the entertainment industry’s massive overuse of airbrushing and photo manipulation. At least this time, her image appears to have been edited to make her look more like a comic book character and not to make her slimmer or more polished.

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Olsen is in good company, at least. Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon were recently the victims of a major photo manipulation fail in Vanity Fair. Witherspoon ended up looking like she had three legs, while Winfrey had three hands at one point.

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Despite clearly being a little miffed about this photo-editing gone awry, we doubt Olsen is going to let it keep her down. She has a lot going on in her career to focus on, like the fact that her film Ingrid Goes West just won an Independent Spirit Award and her upcoming major press tour for her Avengers role.

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