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Tarek El Moussa Is Suing Over This Project Gone Wrong

Even if you’re an HGTV star known for your talent for finding and flipping homes, you can still fall victim to a bad deal. That’s apparently what happened to Tarek El Moussa, who’s suing Southern California realtor Shahen Martirosian for $20,000 after he was allegedly conned while trying to buy a home.

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El Moussa filed the lawsuit, which alleges he was attempting to buy a home to flip from Martirosian, who told him he’d have to put a $20,000 deposit in escrow in order for the bank to approve the sale of the home. El Moussa put down the cash and alleges Martirosian then converted it into personal-use funds and stopped answering calls from El Moussa. Obviously, the sale didn’t go through, and El Moussa claims he found himself with no house and out the $20,000 he put down for the sale.

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He’s now suing Martirosian for that $20,000 plus interest and damages. Since this all went down in 2015, just the interest is going to add a pretty penny to the amount Martirosian will have to pay up if El Moussa wins this battle. And if what he wrote in his court documents is accurate, El Moussa definitely deserves a payday after all this hassle. There are two sides to every story, though, and Martirosian now has a chance to respond to the allegations before this case moves forward in court.

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Since we now know that El Moussa is moving forward with another season of Flip or Flop amid his divorce from his wife and costar Christina El Moussa, we can’t help but wonder if this house was supposed to be one for an episode. We’ll probably never know now, though, and we’re sure the El Moussas came up with plenty of other homes to buy that didn’t end up the subject of a legal battle.

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