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Joanna Gaines Won’t Sit for a Deposition in a Lawsuit She Was Dragged Into

Well, it looks like Joanna Gaines gets to skip what might have been one of the more bothersome to-do’s she, a pregnant mother of four and business owner, would have had to work into her very busy schedule. As of Monday, March 19, Page Six reported that Gaines wouldn’t have to sit for a deposition that would have been part of a larger lawsuit she was linked to. I’d imagine the feeling Gaines has over this is something akin to not being picked for jury duty: You don’t mind doing your civic duty, but you’re low-key grateful when you’re not picked and thus, not subjected to sitting in some beige room participating in intense legal matters.

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Now, there’s nothing to worry about as far as Gaines was concerned. Neither she nor any of her business ventures are currently named in any lawsuits (that we know of) that would have gotten her into the headlines on Monday. Rather, according to The Blast, Gaines was set to sit in a deposition that would have been used in the now-settled lawsuit between two furniture companies, Standard Furniture and LF Products. The two companies were, as The Blast further reports, “battling it out over a disagreement over the quality of the raw material that was used on the furniture made for the line.” Gaines was linked to the lawsuit because she had reportedly been one of the first people to spot quality discrepancies in the furniture after she and her husband, Chip, were approached to sell pieces from the companies under their Magnolia Home line.

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In January, Gaines took LF Products to court after the company subpoenaed her because she wanted the company to pay her a fee of $150,000 an hour to sit and appear for the deposition. In the end, the judge denied Gaines’ request to be paid for her testimony.

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In the end, Gaines ended up not having to sit for the deposition at all because, as The Blast learned through court documents it obtained, Standard Furniture and LF Products were able to reach a settlement. Hopefully, this is the last of the legal issues Gaines has to worry about and she can return to running a successful business, wrapping up Fixer Upper and spending time with her family during her pregnancy.

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