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Would Matt Damon Really Move His Family Because of Donald Trump?

Every once in a while, you hear something about someone you’ve known for quite a while that sounds a little too uncharacteristic of them to be true. Like, you know them enough to know, “Hey, something is a little weird about this, right?” Which is exactly what happened when I heard a wild rumor earlier this week that Matt Damon was considering moving his family to Australia because he disagrees so strongly with the way that President Donald Trump is running the country.

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A rumor emerged via Page SIx that Damon was sincerely considering heading to Australia with his family in tow, apparently because he disagrees so strongly with Trump about what’s happening here in the United States. At the time, Page Six claimed they had it on good authority that Damon had purchased a home in Byron Bay, New South Wales (right next door to Chris Hemsworth, with whom Damon starred in Thor: Ragnarok). A source also claimed that Damon’s move was motivated by his sincere dislike of Trump’s policies (although there are quotes from Damon on this specifically) and that he was willing to make the move work. “Matt’s saying the move will not impact his work — as he will travel to wherever his projects are shooting. He’s also telling friends he wants to have a safe place to raise his kids,” the source told Page Six.

Now, listen, I get it. Things are, to put it mildly, not so good right now if we take a quick assessment of Trump’s administration and his handling of various tasks, policies and personnel. To hear that someone like Damon, who definitely has the means and the ability, might pick up and ship out because he — as a very political and outspoken person — doesn’t like what Trump’s doing here kinda makes sense. But dudes, that’s not what Damon’s about.

To show it, on Friday morning, Damon’s rep squashed these rumors. “Matt has visited Australia several times recently, but he has not bought a house there nor is he moving there,” the rep told Newsweek on Friday. So, it sounds like Damon has no plans to leave the United States, and we can all rest easy.

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Plus, the work Damon’s doing here, speaking from a sociopolitical angle, is too important to ditch. Along with his pal Ben Affleck, he’s promised to adopt the inclusion rider policy at his production company, Pearl Street. He’s been working with to ensure that people with little to no access to clean water actually get said access. And while Damon has been outspoken about Trump in the past, there are no indicators that he’d just turn tail and run right now. No way.

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Damon’s not going to let anyone force him out of his home or away from the epicenter of the work he does. That’s just not his vibe.

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