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Meghan Markle’s Wedding Prep Includes Being Pretend Kidnapped

Wedding planning is definitely busy and stressful. There’s just so many things to plan and arrange: The dresses and tuxes. The venue. The food. The flowers. The music. The honeymoon. The fake kidnapping.

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Yes, one of those things is not like the others, and probably doesn’t come standard in most wedding planning packages. But for Meghan Markle, a fake kidnapping is an important part of preparing to become a member of the royal family ahead of her May wedding to Prince Harry, so she can know what to do in case she is ever actually kidnapped — a very real risk. Yikes.

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According to the British newspaper the Daily Express, Markle spent two days in an undisclosed location in the British countryside undergoing all kinds of necessary security training. The “kidnap and rescue” drill was just one portion of it, but it definitely sounds like the most intense. During that training, members of the Royal Army’s SAS regiment reportedly used live ammo and real guns during a practice “rescue” from a fake kidnapping. According to one member of the SAS, that’s to get the future princess used to the sound of real gunfire in case she ever (God forbid) has to put this training into use in the real world.

Also during the kidnapping training, Markle was taught how to form a relationship with her kidnappers, which is apparently a better idea than trying to escape. There was also a scenario in which rescuers were killed and Markle was left to finish an escape attempt on her own. Honestly, this sounds terrible, even though we know it’s necessary.

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This is training that all modern royals have undergone, so it’s nothing new. But wowza, we’d definitely rather spend two days at a spa.

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