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Ellen DeGeneres Is Helping Adam Rippon With His Next Career Move (Hint: It’s in TV!)

Pretty much everyone in America knows Adam Rippon by now. He was the first openly gay male figure skater on the U.S. Olympic team. He became a breakout star of this year’s Winter Games for his passion, his sass, his style — and, of course, his incredible skating that netted him a bronze medal.

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But now that Rippon is a meme star with all the Twitter followers, what’s next for him? You’ll be glad to know he doesn’t plan to leave the spotlight behind, and Ellen DeGeneres is helping him with his next move.

“He’ll be producing a reality show with Ellen,” an insider told Page Six. “The details are ‘TBD,’ but they are partnering.”

Since there are no further details about this dream partnership yet, I went ahead and came up with a few ideas DeGeneres and Rippon can feel free to use if they want to.

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Rippon the Ice

This is the obvious choice: an amateur competition-style show in which Rippon tries to whip beginner skaters into Olympic-routine shape. He can coach them through skating challenges, help design their costumes, choreograph their routines and more, kind of like Tim Gunn, but way funnier (sorry, Tim). Obviously, DeGeneres is a judge on this show. Rounding out the judges’ panel would be Margot Robbie and Kalen Allen, who will rebuke the worst routine of each episode “in the name of Jesus.”

Celebrity Big Brother: Olympic Village

Pretty self-explanatory. A new season of Celebrity Big Brother, but all the contestants live inside Olympic Village and compete in Olympic-themed challenges. Rippon and DeGeneres both compete against stars like Kristen Bell, John Cena and Sally Field’s son Sam Greisman.

Rip-On Twitter

Rippon’s tweet game has been nothing but fire since his rise to Olympic fame.

In this show, Rippon and DeGeneres (also a champion tweeter) teach contestants the subtle art of the clapback. The audience can participate by liking and retweeting their favs to help contestants advance. I dunno. This one is a stretch. But we’re all so obsessed with both Rippon and social media, it just might work.

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But we get the feeling we’ll watch just about anything that puts Rippon on TV.

What do you hope Adam Rippon’s show will look like? Head down to the comments and let us know.

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