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Kelly Ripa Gets Body-Shamed, World Remains Unnecessarily Cruel

There are certainly reasons to criticize Kelly Ripa these days, namely the problematic way she’s standing by her Live cohost Ryan Seacrest in the midst of the sexual misconduct scandal he’s currently embroiled in. But negative comments about her body that are seemingly unprovoked and unnecessarily cruel? That is not a reason to criticize her at all (or anyone for that matter).

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Still, the world (and especially the internet) is a dark, cruel place, and Ripa is body-shamed by online trolls on the regular. She does a really great job, though, of standing up to the trolls, even hitting back at them sometimes. Take, for example, an incident that happened earlier this week. On one of Ripa’s Instagram posts, a woman put this totally uncalled-for comment below the photo: “Her head looks to [sic] big for her tiny body.”

Ripa was quick to hit back, “To is spelled too FYI.”

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Worse still, this isn’t the first time Ripa has been made to go on the defensive on social media. Another recent incident that happened mere days before this Instagram dust-up involved Ripa and her hubby, Mark Consuelos, combining forces to take on a troll that tried to poke fun at Consuelos’ height. Can we please just leave all Ripa-related negativity (and as a general rule, negativity about the appearance of others) out of the conversation from here on out?

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I mean, it’s pretty hilarious to see Ripa take her troll head on (and win). It proves she’s bigger than all of them combined. But also, maybe we can just stop body-shaming people on the internet. I know. I know. The world is full of jerks, and I’m definitely asking too much here. But aren’t you kind of sick of seeing people get cut down by strangers? I know I am.

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