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Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott’s Recent PDA Could Signal Everything’s Fine

Drama? What drama? Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are moving on from this thing you call “drama” (which includes multiple calls to the police and concerns for Spelling’s well-being in the span of a few weeks) and getting right on back to work. While reports about Spelling teaming up with her former 90210 costar Jennie Garth swirl around the news cycle, Spelling and McDermott were spotted showing some serious PDA while filming for Sharknado 6. It looks like these two are ready to return to an environment they know and love: showbiz.

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It’s unclear how big the roles Spelling and McDermott have in the latest installment in the ultra-campy sci-fi franchise are, but some of the photos that have come in from the Sharknado set make it clear these two are really making the most of their roles and likely pushing past all the drama to put a positive spin on their current situation.

One of the most widely circulated photos of Spelling and McDermott on the Sharknado 6 set shows them kissing rather intensely while the camera crew can be seen off to the side. While the smooch is likely part of the film, this looks like a pretty deep kiss; these two are really going for it.
The other photo captured of the pair shows them waiting to film, getting in another smooch as they prepare. The love seems palpable with these two; they appear to have a more united front than ever before. Goodness knows it’s good to see them moving full steam ahead, building on the good moment Spelling had on social media recently wherein she had nothing but positive messages as part of her update to her fans.

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It’s been an incredibly fraught time for both Spelling and McDermott in these first weeks of March. Reports first surfaced on March 1 that a “female mental illness” call had been made to the couple’s home in the evening hours local time. As that report developed, we learned that there were concerns about Spelling’s mental health and wellness and that there had apparently been some distress between her and McDermott. The police were called for a second time on March 8, this time by McDermott, when once again, concerns over Spelling’s well-being were raised.

Over the course of the following weeks, information emerged that made it seem that once again, the financial troubles that continually follow Spelling and McDermott were weighing heavily on them and that Spelling was allegedly struggling to balance the demands of motherhood with other areas of her life. Neither Spelling nor McDermott released any official statements, so the public was only able to get updates on their situation through secondary sources and the seemingly positive and hopeful messages Spelling was posting on her social media.

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Now, nearly a fortnight after the inciting incident, it looks like Spelling and McDermott are focused on getting back to normal and pushing past these issues. If business-as-usual includes a little PDA, well, then it certainly doesn’t seem like all hope is lost.

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