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These True Blood Stars Are Getting Back Together (For a New Show)

True Blood star Anna Paquin is ready to take on yet another TV gig after appearing in shows like Netflix’s Alias Grace, Bellevue and Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams in 2017. Clearly eager to continue her hot TV streak, Paquin has her eyes on a new project, one that will take her away from the dramas she’s been working so comfortably in for a few years now and instead, testing her comedic chops.

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The show? Flack. The role? Paquin is set to play Robyn. According to Entertainment Tonight, who first broke this story, Robyn is described as “an American public relations executive living in London and working with stars of entertainment, sports and fashion” who, as IMDb’s synopsis of Flack elaborates, “is adept at keeping her client’s lives appearing in perfect order, while her own falls to pieces.”

The idea of Paquin stepping into a role that will showcase her sillier side is no doubt going to excite fans of hers, but perhaps more thrilling is the fact that her husband and former True Blood co-star, Stephen Moyer, will be stepping in as an executive producer on the show, as ET also notes. Moyer currently has his hands full starring in The Gifted on Fox, but who knows? As executive producer, he might be able to swing himself a cameo on Flack — especially considering, as a Brit, he’s got the accent down pat to theoretically play one of Robyn’s clients. Just a thought, fam.

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As for Paquin, she couldn’t seem to contain her excitement at the thought of a new project starting up. In a statement to ET, she wrote, “Oliver Lansley [Flack‘s creator] has written six of the best scripts I’ve ever read. […] My character, Robyn, exists in a world where there are no moral absolutes and humor is used as a sharply executed defense mechanism to maintain the illusion of perpetual control. I am incredibly excited about tackling the creative complexities of Flack as an actress and for my company CASM’s collaboration with Pop.”

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It’ll no doubt be exciting to see Paquin in a different kind of role and with Moyer getting a little creative input, it sounds like an auspicious start indeed for Flack.

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