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Blake Shelton & Kelly Clarkson Rosé All Day

Move over, Adam Levine. The Maroon 5 singer has had an ongoing bromance/showmance with his fellow Voice judge Blake Shelton for just about as long as the show has existed. But a new judge this season is shaking that up, and we’re ‘shipping it so hard. Welcome your new favorite showmance: Shelton and Kelly Clarkson.

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The two have been friends for a long time, but since they started starring on The Voice together, they seem to have kicked things up a notch in their relationship. And that does include getting wine drunk together and then making fun of each other about it on camera. What else are friends even for?

In a joint interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shelton let this hilarious story slip.

“She’s the kinda person that I was already mad at for other reasons, like spilling something on the carpet,” he said about Clarkson. She tried to shush him, but he continued anyway.

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“Last time I was at Kelly’s house, she had [what] started off as a white T-shirt,” he said.

Clarkson jumped in to try to defend herself, saying, “Here’s the thing, y’all, in fairness, it’s every mother that hasn’t drank since having — you know, you’ve been pregnant, and you have a kid. I tell you what, I mean, one glass in me and I just kinda made poor decisions from there.”

Who hasn’t spilled a little something or other on a white shirt? We’re not judging.

“It’s like a tie-dyed shirt by the end of the night,” Shelton said, and Clarkson laughed and added, “My husband was a really good husband that night.”

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With this kind of chemistry between competing judges, this season of The Voice is sure to be a must-see. Catch Shelton, Clarkson and the other judges Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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