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Olivia Wilde Had the Worst Birthday Ever

Can someone please go and check on Olivia Wilde? I think she might be seriously hurting right now and understandably so. Wilde had one of the worst birthdays ever (I’m guessing, although I doubt I’m too far off the mark) when she announced over the weekend that she had lost her beloved dog, Paco, on her 34th birthday. As a dog mom and a human with feelings, this hits me right in the feels. I can’t even imagine what Wilde is going through right now.

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The feelings were so, so real over on Instagram on Sunday when Wilde posted memories of her and Paco with an in-memoriam caption. “Lost my best friend last night,” she wrote. “Paco was a kind, wise, gentle, loving soul. I could post a thousand photos of so many adventures. These pics remind me of how peaceful he made me. My heart feels broken right now. All I can ask is that you consider adopting a pup, and loving them with all you’ve got. Here’s to all the incredible friends of Paco who’ve been so kind to him over the years. I am forever grateful.” Can someone please pass me a tissue? I’m welling up over here!

Wilde’s photo set shows happier times with Paco, snuggling and hanging out like any good dog mom and dog son would do. It’s clear Wilde’s bond with Paco knew no bounds and that losing him is going to take a long time to process. What’s not clear is how Paco died, not that it really matters; losing a beloved pet is never, ever easy.

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Just a short while before this unexpected loss, Wilde had posted a happier photo of her and her sweet family — actor Jason Sudeikis and her children, Otis, 3, and Daisy, 1 — hanging out in their comfy clothes and having some precious family time.

“What could I possibly ask for on this 34th birthday? Just endless health and happiness for these magical maniacs. Thank you thank you thank you, a million times, thank you,” she wrote as a caption to the very adorable photo.

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Let’s hope she’s able to snuggle up to her family now; she’ll likely be in need of their love during this very difficult time.

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