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Meghan Markle & Queen Elizabeth II Take Their Relationship Public

Meghan Markle has had a lot of firsts since becoming Prince Harry’s girlfriend, and then his fiancée. Doubtless, she has a lot more firsts coming her way as she prepares to marry Harry and become an official member of the royal family this May. Today, she had another one: her first public outing alongside Queen Elizabeth II.

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We already know that Markle has spent some time with the Queen, who had to give her approval of the match before Harry was allowed to pop the question. What we don’t know is how much time they’ve spent together, or whether they’re close. Clearly they’re friendly, or the Queen wouldn’t have given her approval. But during their appearance together, they were never close enough to one another to even appear in a photo together, so Markle appears to still be pretty low on the family totem pole.

Markle and Harry appeared along with Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton, and the Queen, on Commonwealth Day in London. The whole royal family got together to celebrate the Commonwealth Day Observance Service, and everyone was all smiles walking into the service. For the most part, Markle and Harry stayed near William and Middleton. The four of them are good friends, and they smiled and chatted during their appearance together.

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This is the first time we know that Markle spent time with the Queen since Christmas, when she reportedly joined the family’s celebrations at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate, north of London. It’s unusual for a fiancée to be invited to a family affair like the Queen’s annual Christmas party, but it was reported an exception was made for Markle, whose family lives in the U.S.

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