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Tori Spelling Chooses to Broadcast Positive Vibes on Social Media After Difficult Week

Amid all the rumors about her mental health and a week in which family called police to check on her two different times, Tori Spelling is focusing on the positive. On social media, she’s posted about her family and her own strength and hasn’t mentioned the trying time she’s allegedly going through.

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In her Instagram story on Saturday, Spelling posted a little love note to herself that read, “I’m strong. I’m amazing. I’m beautiful. I’m wonderful. I’m worthy. I’m loved. I’m brave. I’m sweet. I’m happy. I’m me.” With the marker tool, she circled the words, “I’m me” in red, driving that message home.

Tori Spelling posts inspirational quote to her Instagram story
Image: Tori Spelling / Instagram

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Other parts of her story from that day included a short video clip of her 1-year-old son, Beau, trying sushi for the first time. Recent posts to her account have included smiling selfies, shots from Beau’s first birthday party and a sweet photo of Beau napping with his head resting against her stomach.

Clearly, whatever is going on in her life, Spelling is doing what she can to focus on the positive things: her family, her business and herself.

Still, family and friends have reportedly been worried about Spelling’s well-being lately, and last week, her husband, Dean McDermott, called 911 to ask police to check on her. The family has had years of highly publicized money problems, and McDermott has reportedly been struggling to find work, leaving Spelling with the stress of providing for the family.

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Whatever is going on, we hope Spelling is doing OK, and we’re glad to see her being so positive.

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