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27 Best Tweets About the American Idol Reboot

American Idol is back, baby, and to the relief of many, it’s actually just as good as we remember. To be fair, American Idol wasn’t off the air that long; just two years in fact. It’s hardly long enough to deem this a reboot, but here we are calling it that. Now, in its rebooted form and on a new network (hello, ABC!), American Idol seems poised to once again dominate our television screens and attempt to steal some of its singing competition shine back from its contemporary peers of similar formats, The Voice and The Four.

There’s been a lot of curiosity about how the new version of American Idol would play out. Would there be the combined spiciness and chill of its most formative seasons, when judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson reigned supreme? Would there be a focus on the more cringeworthy auditions that the show put in the spotlight back in the day? Or would this just be a show about the good, wholesome fun that can come from watching people trying to make their dreams of music stardom come true?

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Luckily, it would appear this rebooted American Idol is firmly planted in the latter: good, wholesome fun. From Entertainment Weekly to The Hollywood Reporter, reviews note that American Idol is back with lots of fun and sweetness — and fans of the show seem to be in agreement. While viewers are busy celebrating it on Twitter, it’s not lost on folks that there’s some silliness in seeing contemporary big-name artists as judges (Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan) and the show is competing with other singing competition shows for a spot in our weeknight viewing schedule. Basically, it’s a nostalgia trip of the highest order, and people are here for it and reacting to it in the most vocal manner possible: on Twitter.

So, let’s check out some of the best Twitter reactions, shall we? From the funniest to the warmest, these positive American Idol reactions will leave you glowing — and maybe clearing a spot in your DVR queue for new American Idol episodes.

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Folks had mixed reactions seeing American Idol back on their screens

There were also mixed reactions to the new judges, especially Katy Perry

Viewers didn’t hesitate to tweet all their American Idol feels
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And there you have it, folks. It looks like American Idol is off to a good — and rather auspicious — start. With the blessing of the audience, which seem to be mostly positive and plentiful at this point, it looks like the rebooted American Idol is going to be a big hit.

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