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Could Robin Wright Be Secretly Married Right Now?

Fans at Paris’ Parc des Princes stadium on Tuesday had their eyes trained on much more than just soccer — they were understandably distracted by House of Cards star Robin Wright and her boyfriend, Clement Giraudet. While any celebrity sighting is cause for a bit of commotion, the excitement over Wright and Giraudet had much to do with the matching rings spotted on their left hands. Yep, on that finger.

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The low-key couple was in town for the EUFA Champions League Round between Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid. When they rose and made their way down the row of seats toward the exit, a photographer captured a snap of what appears to be evidence that Wright and Giraudet got married.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Wright and Giraudet wear the rings to symbolize their commitment but haven’t yet gotten hitched.

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Giraudet, the Saint Laurent VIP relations manager, was first officially linked to Wright in September 2017, when they were caught getting cozy at — sensing a pattern yet? — a soccer match at Parc de Princes Stadium. They did, however, have a “chaperone” in 23-year-old Hopper, Wright’s son from her marriage to Sean Penn.

According to Page Six, the pair then spent the holidays, ahem, unchaperoned in Tahoe City, California. The outlet suggests that their relationship could have begun last spring, given that both Wright and Giraudet attended Cannes Film Festival in association with his company, YSL.

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If Wright did manage to discreetly wed her soccer-loving boyfriend, it will be her third time (almost fourth) down the proverbial aisle. The Golden Globe award-winning actress was married to retired soap opera star Dane Witherspoon from 1986 to 1988 and to actor Sean Penn from 1996 to 2010. She and Penn have two children together: daughter Dylan and son Hopper. Wright was last linked to X-Men‘s Ben Foster, to whom she was engaged before breaking it off in August 2015.

One thing’s certain, though. If the marriage rumors are true, Wright and Giraudet couldn’t have picked a better place to debut their newlywed status than the City of Love.

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