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Which Rude Celebrity Ruined Demi Lovato’s Fun Time at the 2016 Met Gala?

Demi Lovato has always been open and honest about her sobriety, including the times she’s struggled to maintain it. It turns out that one of those times was at the Met Gala in 2016, when another unnamed celebrity was so rude to Lovato, she had to leave early to avoid drinking.

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In a new interview in Billboard, Lovato opens up about the first Met Gala she attended (which may also have been her last).

“I had a terrible experience,” she said. “This one celebrity was a complete bitch and was miserable to be around. It was very cliquey. I remember being so uncomfortable that I wanted to drink.”

So, Lovato texted her manager to give a heads-up, then ducked out of the star-studded event to head to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in New York City.

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“I changed my clothes, but I still had my diamonds on — millions of dollars of diamonds on in an AA meeting,” she continued. “And I related more to the homeless people in that meeting who struggled with the same struggles that I deal with than the people at the Met Gala — fake and sucking the fashion industry’s dick.”

Props to Lovato for not only doing what she needed to do to maintain her sobriety in that moment, but also for being so open about it. Everyone with addiction has struggles, and it’s important to know that you can overcome them.

As for the celebrity who was so rude to Lovato, she’s not saying who it was. But Lovato’s Instagram post from the night of the Met Gala may provide a clue.
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Then again, maybe it was someone else entirely. Unless Lovato spills the tea or the rude person ‘fesses up, we may never know for sure.

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