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Dean McDermott’s Ex-Wife Says Tori Spelling Is in a ‘Stressful, Chaotic Situation’

The drama surrounding Tori Spelling is continuing to escalate. Just days after police were reportedly called to Spelling’s home to address an alleged mental breakdown she had, McDermott’s ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace, is spilling more tea about the family’s financials (though tea we’re not sure we’re drinking since she has so much against Spelling and McDermott).

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“My son had gone to university, and Dean was supposed to pay his rent, and he wasn’t,” Eustace told Us Weekly. “So it was just a nightmare in the fall because we had set up this whole thing, and it looked like I was going to have back to court. Then my son’s rent checks were bouncing, so it was not a good situation.”

She continued, “So, I was on that path to go back to court again in November. That’s when Tori reached out to me and basically said that she would be covering the alimony because Dean didn’t have any money, and she would be doing it.”

While we’re taking Eustace’s account of things with a big grain of salt, this does line up with what others close to Spelling have been saying — that her family is still deeply in debt and McDermott is struggling to provide steady cash flow, so it’s been falling to her to support the family of seven.

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“[Tori] stepped up, and I accepted that. So that, sort of, our relationship took a turn there as well because she was owning up to it and taking responsibility for it, which was good,” Eustace continued. “She did a couple of payments for it because she said she had gotten a job, so she could cover that. And then I guess about three weeks ago… yeah, about three weeks ago it was due again, and it didn’t come through. Usually I just text her and she’s like, ‘I got it covered, no problem,’ and all amicable. And then I didn’t hear from her, I didn’t hear any response. And I reached out to Dean and he didn’t respond to me, and I reached out to both of them, and I didn’t hear anything. On Sunday, or Monday, she reached out to me, and she said, ‘You’re not gonna believe this, but I just saw this.'”

Eustace said Spelling has confided in her about frequent migraines and stress.

“I mean, I would assume that it’s a very stressful chaotic situation over there,” she said of Spelling and McDermott’s home. “And so, I don’t know how that manifested so specifically, but I think it’s just chaotic from what I understand, and from what I’ve seen when I’ve been around it. It’s just chaos all the time.”

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Police didn’t take any action that we know of when they responded to Spelling’s home last weekend. But from the sound of things, the reality star is in a rough spot. We hope she gets through it soon.

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