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Queer Eye‘s Favorite Couple, Tom & Abby, Made a Huge Relationship Announcement

For anyone who hasn’t seen Netflix’s revival of Queer Eye, the Fab Five were fine and all, but there was really an unexpected breakout star from the show: Tom Jackson, the recipient of the makeover in the first episode, “You Can’t Fix Ugly.” Tom may have called himself “ugly” and claimed the Fab Five couldn’t fix it, but the reality is that he has one of the most beautiful souls ever seen on reality television (or this entire planet, TBH), and the Fab Five made him look fly.

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And now, Tom is giving us a major update about his post-Queer Eye life: He and Abby, his ex-wife with whom it was revealed during the show he was spending time reconnecting, are now officially a couple. Yes, I know you’re screaming with joy; I’m screaming too.

One of the best mini-storylines of the episode revolved around Abby, Tom’s third and most recent ex-wife. When the Fab Five asked Tom about any romance in his life, his eyes absolutely lit up when he told them about Abby and how much he loved her. It was so obvious from his face that she is his one. She is his lobster. No matter what happened, Tom and Abby belonged together. The Fab Five asked the question that all of us where screaming at our TVs at that point: “Why aren’t you with her, Tom, you amazing, wonderful, lovable man?!”

Tom didn’t really know why he and Abby weren’t together. But when he called her on-screen to ask her to accompany him to a car show right after his makeover, we all cheered when she said yes. And then we cheered as we watched them hold hands at the show and enjoy appetizers back at Tom’s apartment and make plans to go to dinner together. It was true love, obviously.

And then the show premiered, and Tom dealt us a heartbreaking blow out of nowhere.

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Luckily, Tom and Abby reconciled, and that brief heartbreak we all experienced when Tom initially said he and Abby were no more is no longer there, and their love story can resume. Tom and Abby are together and in love, and I can’t stop smiling right along with the rest of the internet.

Honestly, I don’t want to live in a world where Tom and Abby aren’t together. Tom + Abby forever. The end.

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