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Madonna & Kim Kardashian West Are Actually Collaborating on a Project Together

Kim Kardashian West and Madonna have always seemed to be pretty good friends. Kardashian West has confessed to being a Madonna fan since she was a kid, and the two have been seen posing together at countless events over the years. But now, they’re taking their relationship to the next level as business partners.

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Madonna dropped the news on Twitter this week, first revealing the “serious chat about skin care and beauty” she and Kardashian West had during a panel about their respective beauty lines on Tuesday.

And early Wednesday, she dropped a video teasing the collaboration between MDNA Skin and KKW Beauty, appropriately captioned, “When worlds collide.”

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Even though the exact details of the project remain a bit mysterious (Will it be makeup? Something related to skin care? A combination of both?), both Madonna and Kardashian West have been posting teasing selfies on their respective social media accounts lately that might hint at what to expect. In one particularly telling post, Madonna included the hashtags “#thermalwaters” and “#holywater,” which makes me wonder if this game-changing collab will lean more toward skin care after all.

This is an awesome idea no matter what haters will say. These women truly are two icons in the beauty field, and their work continues to be a force majeure in the industry. Kardashian West, like countless other modern stars, has clearly been influenced by Madonna’s ultra-feminist, take-no-prisoners approach to both style and fame. And Madonna, icon though she is, will no doubt benefit from aligning herself with a younger star to stay relevant in our fast-moving, social media-based world. This is the perfect match.

Then there’s the fact that Madonna is the OG of edgy personal branding, while Kardashian West is the one who perfected marketing your personal image in the digital media age. Honestly, it’s like a perfect storm. These two are about to take over the beauty industry.

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We have just one huge lingering question: When and where can we get our hands on some of these products?

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