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We Can’t Believe the Next Bachelorette Is [SPOILER]

Well, we have our next Bachelorette. And while she’s certainly got the makings of a fan favorite, we also can’t believe she’s putting herself through what could potentially be another round of shameless torture sponsored by ABC. That’s right: It’s Becca Kufrin.

Kufrin was brutally dumped by Arie Luyendyk Jr. just weeks after he proposed to her on the finale of The Bachelor. Luyendyk went crawling back to his runner-up, Lauren Burnham, and Kufrin was left to pick up the pieces of her shattered fairy tale. And yes, ABC’s cameras were solidly in her face the entire time, including during the actual breakup. If anything ever should have been a private moment, it was when Luyendyk told Kufrin he was breaking off their engagement to ask Burnham to take him back. Instead, we saw every heartbreaking second play out, uncut and unedited. ABC should be ashamed for exploiting a woman that way.

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We expected Kufrin to fulfill her contractual obligation to appear on After the Final Rose and then turn and run, not walk, as far away from this network as humanly possible. Instead, during the special, it was announced that she’ll be the next Bachelorette. I mean, if anyone deserves love, it is undoubtedly Kufrin. She is one of the strongest, most put-together women we’ve ever seen on this franchise, and the way she handled that breakup with so much poise and dignity is nothing short of inspiring. But Becca, there has to be a better way. ABC has shown it gives not one single shit about Kufrin. The network is willing to torture her however it has to to get those sweet, sweet ratings. Ugh.

“She’s just been so incredibly strong,” an ABC executive told Entertainment Tonight. “She really knows how to handle herself, and she’s taking this in stride and you can’t help but love her.”

Honestly, that statement is gross considering Kufrin’s strength was a direct result of ABC’s mistreatment of her. But ultimately, this is all Kufrin’s choice, and she seems fully invested in being the Bachelorette and having a chance to rewrite the terrible ending to her reality TV story.

“It was easy [to say yes] once I got past the initial heartbreak,” she said after the announcement. “I have so much love to give. I just, I want to be the best damn Bachelorette I can be. I want to find love. I’m ready to do this.”

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We wish her the best even though we’re proceeding with caution after seeing how ABC has already used and abused her. Here’s hoping she gets better treatment as the lead.

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