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How All of Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s Bachelor Exes Reacted to the Finale

So, Arie Luyendyk Jr.: Worst Bachelor in Bachelor history? Or best? The internet seems pretty evenly split on how they feel after he pulled that (SPOILER) switch-a-roo on the finale on Monday night, breaking off his engagement to Becca Kufrin to pursue reconciling with runner-up Lauren Burnham. It’s not a completely original move (Jason Mesnick pulled a similar switch on Melissa Rycroft and Molly Malaney back in 2008), but it’s one that history shows us makes a Bachelor go down in Bachelor Nation infamy.

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But what may be even more important than how the fans are taking this is how Arie’s exes have responded. The ladies of The Bachelor Season 22 have been, shall we say, vocal on social media since that dramatic ending aired, and like the fans, there are some who are in Luyendyk’s corner and others who are disgusted by his treatment of the final two. Here’s how all of Luyendyk’s exes have been reacting, starting with the first ones eliminated from the show.

Eliminated Week 1: Olivia Goethals, Nysha Norris, Lauren Jarreau, Jessica Carroll, Brittane Johnson, Bri Amaranthus, Amber Wilkerson & Ali Harrington

Many of the show’s early eliminated contestants stayed quiet about the finale, including Olivia, Nysha, Brittane, Amber and Ali. But others definitely had something to say.

Lauren J. basically threw shade at Luyendyk by not acknowledging him at all and instead talking about how grateful she was to have met the other women on the show.
Jessica acknowledged that she was watching the finale, but didn’t offer any commentary.

And Bri shared a sentiment that would end up being posted on a lot of Bachelor ladies’ social media: that she’s so glad she didn’t end up with Luyendyk. Ouch.

Eliminated Week 2: Jenny Delaney, Lauren Griffin & Valerie Biles

The women who left the show during Week 2 chose to stay out of the drama; none of them commented during the finale or immediately after. Good for them for moving on with their lives without any pettiness.

Eliminated Week 3: Bibiana Julian, Annaliese Puccini & Lauren Schleyer

Now that we’re getting to the ladies who had a little more screen-time (and more time with Luyendyk), the reactions are getting more intense. First up is Bibiana, who had a short-lived and dramatic stint on The Bachelor before becoming a fan favorite on The Bachelor: Winter Games. She took over the show’s official Instagram during the finale and posted a video of her hot take following “the most dramatic finale ever.”

Annaliese, who you may remember as one of Bachelor Nation’s all-time most traumatized contestants (LOL), didn’t comment on the finale. But Lauren S. said what we were all thinking right after the breakup played out on-screen and Luyendyk refused to leave the happy couple house, even after Becca K. asked him to over and over. Ugh.

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Eliminated Week 4: Caroline Lunny & Brittany Taylor

Neither Caroline nor Brittany commented on the finale, which was surprising, because Caroline and Becca K. are close friends, and Caroline stirred up all kinds of drama when she cryptically confronted Luyendyk during The Women Tell All.

Eliminated Week 5: Ashley Luebke, Maquel Cooper & Marikh Mathias

Now the ladies are starting to get more vocal. Ashley chose not to throw shade and just commented on how dramatic this season’s ending actually was.

Maquel, who became close friends with Lauren B. in the house, posted this gem:

Marikh tweeted what kind of sounds like a sympathetic response to Luyendyk, but also may have been subtly shady. You be the judge.

Eliminated Week 6: Chelsea Roy, Jenna Cooper & Krystal Nielson

Like most single moms on The Bachelor, Chelsea was a fan favorite. She responded to the finale by just posting some pics from her viewing party featuring a bunch of the girls she met on the show. She’s too sweet to be salty, TBH, so this isn’t unexpected.

Jenna, on the other hand, came for Luyendyk’s blood.
And in one of the biggest letdowns in Bachelor history, Krystal, this season’s super-villain, didn’t say one single, breathy word.

Eliminated Week 7: Jacqueline Trumbull, Seinne Fleming and Bekah Martinez

We’re getting to the ladies who were closest to Luyendyk now, so you can imagine they’d have a thing or two to say. Jacqueline did not disappoint, live tweeting that dramatic ending along with her support for Becca K. and how she handled it all.

Over on Instagram, she laid off the shade and just celebrated how beautiful Peru was when she took a trip there without Luyendyk. I can confirm, and I’m also glad people aren’t letting that guy ruin Cusco for them because it’s stunningly gorgeous.

View this post on Instagram

I wasn’t too sad that I missed out on Peru on #thebachelor because I was there for three weeks the year prior! Highlights include: 1. Running for my life down a hill from a pack of snarling German Shepherds with @sim0nsees 2. Trudging up steep stairs for two hours to Machu Picchu with no hydration except for the 4 pisco sours the night before with @sad.tourist 3. Spending my 25th birthday hurling from altitude sickness 4. Making an escape from a terrifying couch surfing location (pictured) 5. Riding on the back of a motorcycle with a man named Tiger 6. Feeling divinely happy in the Amazon with two best friends. Ps. I love this pic because it looks straight out of a romance novel, but it’s my (gorgeous) best friend Max. #travel #peru #wanderlust

A post shared by Jacqueline Trumbull (@trumbullina) on

Seinne was a little more nuanced, first encouraging people to tune in and see the drama…

…and then admitting that she and “Baby Bekah” cringed through watching it themselves. Same, Seinne. Same.

Here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Bekah M. made a lot of big splashes this season, and we knew we were in for a treat once she decided to begin her takedown of Luyendyk. She does not disappoint.

She also dropped this gigantic bomb: apparently, Luyendyk slid into her DMs about a month after the premiere. Reaching out to her about that whole scandal where she was reported missing kind of makes sense, but note the message he sent her the next day about her age/his propensity for dating multiple women at the same time. If reading that doesn’t make you feel kind of icky, nothing will.

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Eliminated Week 8: Tia Booth

Bless her sweet soul. Tia had one of the most heartbreaking eliminations we’ve ever seen and still didn’t have a word to say about Luyendyk as she watched this shit show play out. Bless her.

Eliminated Week 9: Kendall Long

Kendall clearly sympathized with Luyendyk’s predicament (and why wouldn’t she as one of the most logical and level-headed women ever to compete on The Bachelor?). But she still called him out just a little.

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The final two: Becca Kufrin & Lauren Burnham

After everything Luyendyk put her through, we’d expect Becca K. to have some of the strongest words for him. But she’s rising above it all and staying silent (or just letting her fans throw all the hate for her). However, in her home state of Minnesota, a Congressman is offering to sponsor a bill banning Luyendyk from the state. We’re betting she takes him up on that.

And while we still have to wait until tonight to find out how Lauren B. responds to Luyendyk’s decision to try to win her back, she posted a little preview of the episode with a cryptic message about what he put her through.

And a bonus: Luyendyk’s ex, Sydney Stempfley

Luyendyk’s girlfriend of more than a year, Stempfley became a household name in Bachelor Nation after it was revealed that Luyendyk dumped her out of the blue in order to become the Bachelor. She’s also accused him of cheating on her, and days before he was announced as the new Bachelor, she tweeted, “The show would be perfect for @ariejr up until it comes to choosing just one.” Last night, she retweeted that tweet, adding a note: “I hate to say I told you so butttt…”

Was Luyendyk just following his heart? Or is he set to become the most-hated Bachelor in franchise history? Share your take below.

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