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Emma Watson Embraces Her Oscars Temporary Tattoo Fail Like a Boss

Emma Watson is a busy woman. She doesn’t have time to sit down and make sure things like — oh, I don’t know — the temporary Time’s Up tattoo she sported on her forearm at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party was grammatically correct. Homegirl’s got to get to that event, y’all! Then again, maybe she should have just taken an extra five minutes to really double check because, well, the world surely noticed the day after the Oscars when the pictures finally emerged.

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It’s not a terrible tattoo by any means, and in fact, Watson’s Time’s Up tattoo made for an interesting red carpet fashion statement. Deviating from the traditional pin and requiring a little gesticulation in order to draw attention to it, Watson’s efforts to spread the Time’s Up gospel seemed to be helped by the fact that she sported a Time’s Up temporary tattoo. She’s been a very active member of the Time’s Up group, making inroads both here and in the U.K. to raise awareness about sexual harassment; this tattoo feels very on brand with her efforts to shout the initiative from the mountaintops, as it were.

That said, there’s just one major problem with the temporary tattoo: There was a typo. If you look closely (like in USA Today‘s above Instagram photo), you might see that there’s an apostrophe missing from “Time’s.” Oops. To the tattoo’s credit, it’s not immediately noticeable because it’s such a beautiful tattoo and hopefully it made for a fun conversation starter when Watson was mingling at the party. Hopefully…

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Luckily, Watson was totally chill about the very public gaffe, and she took to Twitter to make light of the entire situation. On Monday afternoon, she tweeted out, “Fake tattoo proofreading position available. Experience with apostrophes a must.” Well done, Watson. Well done.

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Watson was one of many actors raising awareness about both Time’s Up and #MeToo. A number of actors work the Time’s Up button on their outfits to raise awareness. During the actual ceremony, actors Ashley Judd, Annabella Sciorra and Salma Hayek took to the stage to comment on the visible shift in attitude toward women in Hollywood and especially those who are taking action to end sexual harassment and assault after coming forward with their stories.

Watson’s tattoo may have been missing an apostrophe, but it certainly didn’t miss the mark in getting everyone’s attention, and that’s really the best outcome possible.

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