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This Henry Cavill Death Hoax Was Not Cool — Even if He Found It Funny

You know who’s a true treasure? Henry Cavill. You know who’s a real gift to humanity? Henry Cavill. You know who doesn’t deserve to be at the center of a random death hoax? Yeah, you guessed it: Henry Cavill.

OK, so, I certainly don’t mean to say that everyone else should be at the center of their own personal death hoax (how awful!) but — and this might be my own bias talking here — I certainly would never want to wish a death hoax on Cavill in any way, shape or form. Who would want to just spread a rumor that one of the most legitimately dashing men in Hollywood had suddenly croaked?

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And yet that’s exactly what happened on Monday afternoon. The handsomely mustachioed Cavill posted an Instagram that featured a screenshot of Google claiming that he died on March 3, 2018, and, while he reacted in a super-chill manner about the whole thing, it’s really not OK.

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When you learn that you died 2 days ago….

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“When you learn that you died 2 days ago….” Cavill wrote next to a photo of the Google screenshot of his alleged death date side by side with a photo of his very confused reaction. Now, if it isn’t clear already, Cavill’s a little confused because he’s clearly alive and well and able to comment about the entire rigmarole on Instagram. Also, bless him, he’s being a really good sport about the whole thing (when you dress up like Tigger for a joke, you know how to keep calm), and he totally doesn’t have to be. It would be very understandable if he wrote out an entire explanation about why this is so not cool, especially considering there’s no reason it should have happened.

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However, Cavill hasn’t done that, so I’ll get up on my soapbox and explain why this cruel joke, which is somehow a consistent trend in the world of Hollywood gossip, needs to stop. First off, it’s just plain mean. Like, why target someone you’ve (most likely) never met, never interacted with and have no way of knowing how they will take this “joke”? Sure, Cavill’s super-chill response is the ideal kind of response, but not everyone handles a rude (and abjectly stupid) joke like this as well as he does. But also, this kind of “joke” is just dumb. What does someone even hope to achieve with a joke like this, especially when the person who is believed to be dead can easily hop on social media and tell us that no, they’re very much alive and kicking?

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All I know is this: The madness has to stop. Let celebrities live their lives, and for those of you prone to going the extra length to fool us into thinking someone famous has died, channel that energy into a different hobby.

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