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Here’s Why Giuliana Rancic Wasn’t Wearing Her Wedding Ring at the Oscars

Eagle-eyed viewers of last night’s Oscars red carpet proceedings might have noticed a tiny detail about Giuliana Rancic’s outfit that’s raising some serious concern among fans: She wasn’t wearing her engagement ring or her wedding band. Is there trouble between her and her husband, Bill, that we don’t know about? Do we need to brace ourselves for the news that another great Hollywood couple will soon be no more?

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Actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth, so take a breath, fans. The Rancics’ marriage is still safe. There’s a very simple reason Rancic wasn’t wearing her engagement ring or wedding band at the Oscars: They didn’t fit with her look.

Instead, she was wearing an enormous 10-carat diamond ring on her middle finger on her left hand. Pairing that ring with her 4-carat engagement ring and her diamond-studded wedding band would have made for one crowded, blinged-out hand. It would have been too much, and Rancic knew it. So she opted for the giant diamond that went with her dress, leaving her wedding set off for the night.

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This isn’t the first time Rancic has left her wedding set off in the name of fashion. At the Golden Globes, she also opted for one enormous ring on her middle finger instead of her engagement ring and wedding band.

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People magazine reports that Rancic did the same at last year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. At the Grammys, though, she didn’t wear a middle-finger ring and was wearing her wedding ring. Some people may choose not to take off their wedding rings unless they absolutely must, and Rancic is clearly not one of those people.

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