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Grey’s Anatomy‘s Kevin McKidd Just Got Hitched & Has a Baby on the Way

Poor Dr. Owen Hunt has been unlucky in love, to say the least. The head of trauma at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Hunt endured one wife leaving him for a high-profile job in Switzerland and, more recently, another realizing she only loved him because she had a brain tumor (yowch). Fortunately, life isn’t imitating art for actor-director Kevin McKidd, who plays Hunt on Grey’s Anatomy. On Friday, the fan favorite announced on his website that he and private chef Arielle Goldrath just got hitched. Bonus? They’re expecting a baby!

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“Arielle and I are so happy to announce our marriage and new baby, who is soon to join our growing family,” McKidd wrote. The post, titled “Very Happy, Very Big News!” featured a photo of McKidd and Goldrath walking down the aisle after their “I do’s.”

Goldrath was glowing in a fitted, bell-sleeved lace gown that hugged her growing bump. For his part, the Scottish-American McKidd looked downright “braw” in a traditional green kilt suit.

McKidd, who has two children (17-year-old Joseph and 15-year-old Iona) from his previous marriage to Jane Parker, added, “My kids are happy for us too and are looking forward to the arrival of their newest sibling.”

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And, in case you’re wondering if any of McKidd’s fellow MD’s were in attendance — because of course we’re you’re curious — the actor-director cleared up any doubt. “Close friends and family came together with my Grey’s family to share in our celebration day,” he said, describing it as “an intimate, low key gathering” which culminated with a traditional Scottish ceilidh dance.

It’s as though all of Hunt’s dreams are finally coming true, albeit not exactly for him. But hey, there’s still time in the season for things to turn around for McKidd’s alter ego, too.

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McKidd wrote it best himself, signing off on his wedding (and baby!) announcement with, “There’s much to be grateful for and we’re thrilled for the adventures 2018 will bring us all!”

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