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Meghan Markle’s New Life as Royalty Will Be More Dangerous Than You Think

If you thought being a member of the royal family was all about gorgeous, expensive gowns, working for charity and inspiring hat and handbag envy in women all over the world, think again. Apparently, it’s actually a really dangerous job. We’re all for Meghan Markle becoming a princess, but not at the risk of murder. Can we take back our support?

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According to Dai Davies, a former head of Royal Protection and chief superintendent of the Metropolitan Police Service, murder is a very real thing that Markle is likely to face at some point during her tenure as a real royal.

“History has a habit of repeating itself,” Davies told E! News. “In the last thousand years there hasn’t been a king or queen that someone hasn’t tried to murder.”

OK, great.

That means it’s going to take serious time, dedication and money to keep the May royal wedding as secure as possible. Davies revealed that Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton took $33 million in just security costs, which involved snipers on rooftops, undercover police in the crowd, counterterrorism investigations that spanned months before the big day, and a search of basically all of Windsor for anywhere explosives could be hidden, from lampposts to sewer drains. London is even harder to secure, so Harry and Markle’s wedding is going to take even more work to keep safe.

Plus, there’s the fact that Harry is an active servicemember, and Markle has already been targeted by a false anthrax scare that appeared to be racially motivated. Guys, our favorite royal couple seem like they’re in actual danger just because they’re in love and getting married. Why is the world like this?

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We know palace security will be doing everything possible to keep the royal wedding safe. But after reading all of this, there are some knots in our stomachs that won’t be quite gone until the big day is over.

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