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Alec Baldwin Reacts to His Daughter’s Naked PETA Ad

Considering the fact that he’s usually surrounded by children — his children, mind you — in his Instagram photos and they’re under the age of 10, it’s easy to forget that Alec Baldwin actually has a grown-up daughter who is out of the house, movin’ and groovin’ through the world on her own. His eldest, Ireland Basinger Baldwin (from Baldwin’s first marriage to actor Kim Basinger), has popped up on his Instagram feed once again, not only reminding us that yes, he has a daughter, but also that he has some major feelings about her latest modeling gig.

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There’s a new PETA campaign under way, which means there’s a slew of new celebrity portraits proclaiming their love of PETA and their rejection of animal byproducts, such as fur, being put up on ads and posters to paper the world. One of those people is Ireland, who recently posted her photo from the series onto her Instagram. And then dear old Dad saw it and reacted… well, to be honest, he reacted better than you’d imagine most dads would react in this situation.

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After retweeting Ireland’s photo, Baldwin captioned the photo with a simple, succinct, “O…M…G…” Yeah, that says it all, doesn’t it? I mean, we know Baldwin likes to have a good laugh every now and then and, coupled with the fact that he’s always been supportive of Ireland’s professional endeavors, it’s no wonder he’d celebrate this one in such a silly way.

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Interestingly, Ireland’s move to pose for PETA’s Rather Go Naked campaign is something of a family tradition, with her mother having posed for an earlier PETA campaign in the ’90s. On PETA’s website, Ireland explained why she wanted to take part in this revealing photo shoot.

“I saw the images from when my mom shot this campaign, so it was something that I had aspired to do,” she explained. “Since I was a little girl, I wanted to do something for PETA. This is something my mother has fought her entire life and has advocated for and something that I have tried to as well.”

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For his part, there are no reports coming out about Baldwin keeling over from a heart attack at seeing his daughter pose in her birthday suit for a good cause. Instead, it’s actually really sweet to see Baldwin supporting his daughter, no matter how, uh, revealing the work may be.

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