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The Real Reason Lori Loughlin RSVP’d No to John Stamos’ Wedding

In general, it might be a universally agreed-upon rule that anyone you’ve kissed passionately on the mouth who isn’t your fiancé(e) shouldn’t be invited to your wedding, if only to avoid the awkwardness of the entire affair. But in the case of John Stamos and his longtime TV girlfriend (then TV wife), Lori Loughlin, that rule goes right out the window. After more than 20 years as Stamos’ costar and friend, Loughlin obviously should have been at Uncle Jesse Stamos’ wedding to Caitlin McHugh. So why wasn’t she?

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Apparently, it’s because Stamos sucks at planning ahead.

“Caitlin and John — they were a little last-minute in their planning and preparation and we had already committed to something else,” Loughlin told Us Weekly in a new interview. “We were all invited. Unfortunately, Candace [Cameron-Bure] and I already committed to go to the Super Bowl months and months and months in advance so we couldn’t be there. But we certainly were all invited.”

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She added, “All the Hallmark executives were taking us to the Super Bowl. It was so much fun but we already committed to that. So we, unfortunately, could not be at John’s wedding.”

Didn’t think there could be real, serious consequences to last-minute wedding planning? Here’s proof that there can be.

Obviously, though, because the cast of Full House is all still best friends, Loughlin sent her own kind of congratulations to the happy couple.

“I sent flowers and I was really bummed that I already had plans,” she said. “Dave [Coulier] went, Jodie [Sweetin] went. I think Bob [Saget] was there. Candace and I would have been there, we just unfortunately — timing.”

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There’s a life lesson here, folks. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your wedding. The results can truly be catastrophic.

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