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Amy Schumer Is Being Mocked, Trolled & Torn Down Over Her Wedding Ring

In case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, Amy Schumer got surprise married to her super-hot chef husband around Valentine’s Day. Their wedding was gorgeous; they were surrounded by friends and family; and best of all, they seem blissfully happy together in the numerous photos Schumer posted from the special day. I’m not an Amy Schumer fan by any stretch, but even I can’t help being happy for her, because there are a lot of awesome things going on in her life right now and she’s clearly riding that high wave.

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But the internet exists, so ya know, of course we can’t all just be happy that another human is happy. Nope, happy people must be mocked, trolled and torn down. It is written in the rules of the internet.

And so, when Schumer attended a New York Knicks basketball game wearing her brand-new ring, and the Daily Mail published a photo of her flashing it, people became the worst. A few comments are now getting some attention because of the way in which they make fun of the size of Schumer’s wedding ring. We should have expected this, but it doesn’t make it any less irksome.

Comments on Amy Schumer's ring 1
Image: The Daily Mail
Comments on Amy Schumer's ring 2
Image: The Daily Mail

“Well she’s not trying to flash that ring at every opportunity is she,” one cruel commenter wrote. Another chimed in, “the only Rock I see is Chris. lol,” referring to comedian Chris Rock, who was sitting next to Schumer at the game.

Really, people? Really? Do we actually need a collective reminder that marriage doesn’t have one single thing to do with how big your diamond is? Schumer is clearly happy and obviously sees something in her husband other than money and a fat sparkler to show off in paparazzi photos. Imagine that.

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Then again, happiness is not something internet trolls like seeing since they have so little of it themselves. Bye, haters!

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