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Kristen Wiig’s Wonder Woman Casting Is Getting Positive Hype on the Internet

Is there anyone out there who isn’t looking forward to Wonder Woman 2? I mean, other than the misogynists and the MRAs of the world, but sorry, we don’t count them and their garbage opinions. All the rest of us are eagerly awaiting our return to Themyscira come November 2019, when Wonder Woman 2 is set to hit theaters.

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And now there’s news out of preproduction that has the internet hyped, even though Wonder Woman 2 is close to two years from its planned release date. According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Patty Jenkins has personally reached out to Kristen Wiig to begin talks about casting her as the villain, Cheetah.

My editor and I may have to agree to disagree on this one, but I am absolutely here for it, and it seems like I’m in the right because the internet is also Team Wiig. When news of her potential casting broke late on Wednesday evening, Twitter folks wasted no time voicing their love for this news. Then again, who wouldn’t want to see Wiig go toe-to-toe with Gal Gadot?

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We all know Wiig is super-talented in comedic roles, but she’s proven herself in more serious films like Welcome to Me and Mother! And the fact that Jenkins personally reached out to her about this role means she has something in mind none of us probably knows about yet. There’s a reason for this unconventional casting decision. I think we’ll all be happy once we see it play out.

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Plus, one of the reasons we love Wonder Woman so damn much is because it’s a movie by women for women. It’s increasing female representation on-screen and in the superhero space, no less, giving girls a hero of their own to look up to. Wiig fits that purpose. She’s long been an outspoken feminist set on getting more women on-screen, even in unexpected places (Ghostbusters, anyone?). There are people out there who don’t see it yet, but for now, I’m with Twitter — this is a great choice, and I’ll be first in line to see this film.

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