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Christina El Moussa Could Remarry This Year

Is another trip down the aisle in store for HGTV darling Christina El Moussa? She’s only been with her new boyfriend, British TV host Ant Anstead, for a couple of months now, but reports have emerged indicating she might be ready to take the plunge into marital bliss once again.

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According to Life & Style, sources close to El Moussa and Anstead say this newly formed couple is already feeling the love in a very serious, very committed, “let’s get married and soon” kind of way. “They would love to get married, and they’re discussing it already,” one source apparently told the magazine. “Christina knows Ant is ‘the one,’ and the feeling is mutual.”
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Moving on and finding happiness is definitely a reason to celebrate (who wouldn’t want that?), but there’s just one hiccup in El Moussa and Anstead’s plans that could delay things slightly: Anstead is still married. Don’t worry; these lovebirds aren’t brazenly showing off an affair on social media while Anstead is still married or anything dramatic like that. Anstead’s marital status is a technicality, Life & Style also notes, as he separated from his wife back in the summer of 2017. While the two share custody of their children, it’s clear that they’ve both decided to move on with their lives while they sort the legal bits out. A source close to Anstead told Life & Style, “Ant and Louise were childhood sweethearts, and they remain on good terms. It’s unlikely that their divorce will be long and messy.”
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Interestingly, Anstead isn’t the only one who’s gotten the thumbs-up from his former spouse when it comes to moving on; apparently, El Moussa apparently has also gotten Tarek El Moussa’s thumbs-up about her choice of partner. “Tarek has given them his seal of approval. He’s pleased she’s found happiness with an age-appropriate, decent guy,” an insider told Life & Style.

Now, here’s where we have to stop and take a moment to reflect and possibly rain on your parade. As exciting as the idea of another celebrity wedding happening is, this news has to be taken with a huge, huge grain of salt. Given the fact that the source of this report can be a bit hit-or-miss in terms of veracity and the fact that neither El Moussa nor Anstead has given us any reason to believe they’re ready to get hitched (there’s not even a mysterious ring on El Moussa’s finger, y’all!), we can’t confirm these rumors.

In short, it’s all speculation. Fun speculation, no doubt, but speculation nonetheless.

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