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Katy Perry Is Dating Her Ex Again — Can You Guess Which One?

Well, well, well. What do we have here? It looks like Katy Perry has up and decided to get cozy with one of her ex-boyfriends recently, and it’s happening not that long after she split up with him. That’s right: Perry is reportedly hooking up with Orlando Bloom these days, but the two are gun-shy about making any sort of public declaration of their renewed love. Sneaky, sneaky!

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According to Us Weekly, rumors about Perry and Bloom’s reconciliation have been going strong for a couple of weeks now, with the pair seemingly together and keeping it very low-key. A key example being used in Us Weekly‘s report is that shortly after the reconciliation rumors began, Perry attended her brother’s wedding in Santa Barbara alone.

Interestingly, while at the wedding, Perry made a reference to Bloom in her wedding toast to her brother. According to a source, Perry quipped about Bloom, “We’re on good terms — but not good enough for him to come as my date to the wedding.” She also made a little bit of a scene when she caught the bouquet during the traditional wedding bouquet toss and proceeded to literally run away from the reception venue with what could be read as a mixture of happiness and faux-horror (meant to be part of the joke) because, as we all know, catching the bouquet means you’re the next one to get married.

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For now, they may not be going public, but all the whispers from inside sources point to the fact that they’re very much back together. Right now, the biggest obstacle is actually finding the time to get cozy because they both have crazy schedules (welcome to the world of singledom, you two!). “They’re hooking up when they can,” a source noted to Us Weekly, adding, “It’s very exciting.”

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It’s been a year (almost to the day) since reports broke in March 2017 that Perry and Bloom had split after 10 months together. The pair, who seemed very happy and very close during their courtship, may be looking to rekindle that fun, sexy flame that seemed to keep their relationship alight. It will no doubt be interesting to see if these two will officially get together, but for now, you can’t blame ’em for wanting to just have a little fun.

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