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The Kids From Growing Pains Reunited IRL

Growing Pains may not be one of the several nostalgic sitcoms that’s being revived, but that didn’t stop some of its famous cast members from having a mini reunion of their own. Kirk Cameron, Tracey Gold and Jeremy Miller, who played Mike, Carol and Ben, respectively, reunited on Today Tuesday, Feb. 27 to pay tribute to their late TV dad, star Alan Thicke.

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“Alan was kind of a constant in all of our lives,” Gold said. “Alan always kept in touch with all of us, and so he’s deeply missed.”

Thicke died at age 69 in late 2016, and his reputation for being kind and genuine still lives on after his death.

According to Gold, Thicke’s death is “still surreal. It’s still hard to grasp.”

Miller added, “Especially with things like this [interview]. Alan was always a big part of every interview. He would’ve been here. He would’ve been leading the charge.”

Cameron chimed in, “We grew up on the set of Growing Pains, so he was like a father to all of us while we were working together.”

It’s unusual for a big Hollywood star to have such a reputation for kindness and humility, but Thicke has just that. And the words of his former costars are a sweet tribute to how he was known and how he’s remembered.

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“He was the patriarch of the Seavers but also of the set,” Gold said. “He set the tone, and it was just a happy place to be, and he taught us to appreciate being on that set and what we were given.”

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