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This Clueless Star Wants to Run for Congress, & the Internet Isn’t Cool With It

America, have we learned our lesson yet about electing celebrities with no governing experience to lawmaking roles? Please say yes, because we’re about to get another test.

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Clueless star and controversial conservative pundit Stacey Dash has just filed to run for Congress. Yep. This is happening. She’s apparently been considering it for a while too. Earlier this month, she tweeted that she was “testing the waters” with her followers and considering filing for California’s 44th House district “in response to numerous calls for me to run for office,” she wrote.

Well, apparently she thinks “testing the waters” went well, because Slate reported earlier this week that Dash has filed the paperwork to run. We’re not sure why, because the responses to her tweet saying she was considering it were brutally negative.

The district in California Dash hopes to represent includes South Los Angeles, Compton and North Long Beach. She’s running as a Republican, but that district has been held by a Democrat since 2012. If she does end up going through the entire campaign process, things could get very ugly given the way this news is currently being received and the way her possible constituents have become used to being represented (read: by a Democratic representative) in the past.

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Dash on the campaign trail is something nobody particularly wants to see, but given her history, it’s definitely going to be dramatic. She’s known for being fired from Fox News for saying things like trans people should “go in the bushes” rather than use a public restroom and claiming that former President Barack Obama doesn’t “give a shit” (her words, not his or ours) about terrorism. Just the kind of peaceful mentality we need in the divisive world of American politics, amirite?

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