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Mel Gibson’s Medieval Mansion in Malibu Just Got a Little More Affordable

Want to live in Mel Gibson’s house? Well, you can, and it just got (a little, tiny bit) more affordable. Of course, it won’t be Gibson’s house anymore by the time you move in. But still, the history will be there. And it is one hella-fancy place.

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Gibson’s Malibu mansion has been listed for sale for about a month now, and due to no one biting at the original $17.5 million price tag, he just reduced the price by a whole million dollars. You can now own this piece of Hollywood history for just $16.5 million. I know; I know. I’ll wait while you just pop over to the bank and make that withdrawal.

To be fair, even though that price tag is so far outside the realm of possibility for most people even after being reduced, it’s a pretty sick house. It’s in a gated community and has five bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms and 6,600 square feet of indoor area, plus several outdoor living areas that overlook the ocean, and 5.5 secluded acres away from the hustle and bustle of Southern California. There’s also a detached guesthouse and a pool house that contains a gym. There’s not one but two pools and a private sundeck. Basically, everything you could ever need is in this house. If you owned it, you would never have to leave. Appealing, amirite?

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It’s also apparently a property with some serious appreciation value. Gibson bought it in 2008 for only $11.5 million. Granted, that was immediately after the housing market crashed into oblivion, but still. A market increase of $5 million in 10 years is not too shabby. It’s an investment. You can’t afford not to buy this house.

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