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Kylie Jenner Is Every Mom Ever Gushing Over Baby Stormi’s Tiny Toes

It’s been less than a month since Kylie Jenner became a mom and — judging by her latest social media post — she’s settling into her new role nicely. On Sunday, the reality TV star shared a short Snapchat video of daughter Stormi that establishes Jenner’s status in motherhood.

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In the video, the new mama can be seen holding her daughter’s foot and gushing about how gosh darn adorable it is. “Mommy’s cute little toes,” Jenner coos as she rubs the sweet little feet.

And hey, we’ve all been there, right, mamas? It’s practically a natural law for new mothers to lose their minds when it comes to things like tiny little toes. If she hasn’t already, Jenner will be sniffing the top of her daughter’s head and basking in the baby smell soon.

What? It’s totally a thing.

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Clearly, times have changed for Jenner, who used to reserve such enthusiasm on Snapchat for decidedly adult endeavors — think making out with her ex Tyga.

However, Jenner admitted in her announcement post after Stormi was born that her priorities have shifted. The typically extroverted star drastically changed her lifestyle to ensure that her baby wouldn’t experience any external triggers, like Jenner’s stress or fatigue, in the womb.

It’s a change that seems to be sticking for Jenner, who has been noticeably less visible on “the scene” lately. For the most part, she has been laying low and obviously enjoying every single minute with baby Stormi (and those tiny toes!).

However, Jenner did step out for her first official date with Stormi’s dad, Travis Scott, on Saturday. The pair picked Nobu for their free time, enjoying the meal with family and friends.

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And, again, we’ve all been there. Maybe not Nobu, but you get the gist. It’s easy to succumb to tunnel vision in those first few months after bringing home a new baby. Time out of the house to do adult things is important, too.

Besides, Jenner needed an excuse to take her “push present” for a ride. The couple showed up to lunch in a jet-black Ferrari gifted to her by Scott, which she debuted in her Instagram stories on Saturday.

So far, Jenner and Scott seem to be striking a healthy balance between their old life in the fast lane and their new one as parents.

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