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Everything We Know About Eiza González, Josh Duhamel’s New Girlfriend

Didn’t Josh Duhamel get the memo? You don’t “phunk” with Fergie’s heart. And considering the recent ruckus over her version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the NBA All-Star Game, Ferg’s heart was likely in no condition to hear that her ex-husband is dating someone new.

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It has only been five months since Fergie and Duhamel announced their split. Granted, they explained in that announcement that they had been living apart for some time. As Fergie herself has sung, life goes on — and for Duhamel, 45, it’s going on with 28-year-old actress/singer Eiza (pronounced “ay-e-zaa”) González.

According to Us Weekly, the pair sparked a connection in super-Hollywood style: at a party after J.Lo’s pre-Super Bowl concert on Feb. 3. A source told the outlet that Duhamel was the pursuer, reaching out “to a mutual friend” to ask for Eiza’s digits after a long night of drinking and hanging out.

She clearly said yes, because the source claims they’ve basically been together ever since.

“They definitely have a connection because they’ve been FaceTiming and texting nonstop while she’s been in England working. They’re keeping it on the down-low. He’s telling her he’s never met anyone like her before,” says the source.

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It isn’t hard to see why Duhamel would be smitten (sorry, Fergs — we still love you!). González, who was born in Mexico City, is stunning. She is also multilingual, speaking Spanish, English and Italian fluently. Although she hasn’t been in a ton of films, her star appears to be on the rise. In 2017, she played Darling in the film Baby Driver, alongside Jon Hamm. And, in addition to having several movies in various stages of production, she starred in a short directed by Justin Timberlake.

Other clues about this newcomer from her Instagram? She likes to read.

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She’s a football fan.
She’s passionate about putting an end to bullying.
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In summary, she seems like a pretty decent human being. Although it’s always sad to see beloved celebrity couples split up, it’s marginally comforting when they at least move on with good people. Here’s hoping 2018 turns out to be the year Fergie finds what she’s looking for, too — whether that includes a romance or not.

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