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Kim Cattrall’s Boyfriend From Sex and the City Just Betrayed Her

Well, the feud between former Sex and the City costars Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker was recently reignited with some seriously terse words from Cattrall on Instagram, and it has now gotten even shadier. That’s because Jason Lewis, the actor who played the boyfriend of Samantha Jones, Cattrall’s SATC character, actually took a side in this feud while being interviewed on KTLA 5 earlier this week. And honey, you’re not gonna like which side Lewis took.

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Now, Lewis could have just pleaded the fifth and kept his mouth shut. He didn’t have to engage in the debate, and he certainly didn’t have to betray his former TV girlfriend, did he? But no, Lewis decided to wade into this celebrity feud by choosing Team SJP, and it’s just so, so rude, y’all.

While Lewis seemed reluctant to give any explicit reasons for his support of Parker, he managed to say a lot both explicitly and implicitly when explaining to the KTLA anchors why he has always liked Parker. “I just have to say that Sarah was always just so lovely and constantly professional,” he remarked. “I think people should remember their graciousness and the things that have been given to them.”

Uh, is that a dig at Cattrall? I can’t deal, but Lewis certainly could, because he continued to show his true colors by cheering for Team SJP.

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“I might just have to say yeah. What a gracious lady, she was always so good to me,” Lewis said, clearly getting a bit more hesitant to elaborate at this point in the interview. But the damage has already been done.

Everyone is likely tired of this feud (we’re all adults here, can we just bury the hatchet?), so it’s a bit irksome to see that Lewis — in the vein of Parker and Cattrall, who have recently sparred in the media — is playing into this whole taking sides business as well. While it’s understandable the Cattrall might be speaking out so vehemently because she is going through an incredibly tough time, both Parker and Lewis have had opportunities to squash any shady questions and have chosen not to.

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Come on, guys. Let’s just build a bridge and get over it already. It’s time.

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