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Allison Janney Got Way Too Casual With Kate Middleton at the BAFTAs

There are certain rules that apply when someone meets a member of the royal family. Luckily, the family’s official website spells some of them out, so we know what we should do if we’re ever lucky enough to come face to face with one of the royals. One of those rules? Female royals are to be referred to as “Your Royal Highness,” or, when more familiar, simply “ma’am.” Allison Janney broke the crap out of that rule.

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Janney was at the BAFTAs, where she accepted her award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and later, she was lucky enough to run into Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, formerly known as Kate Middleton. The only downside to this lucky run-in? Janney had been wearing her uncomfortable heels all night and had taken them off just prior to meeting the royals, so she was barefoot when it happened. What makes it even worse is that pregnant Kate was still in her heels.

“I did meet Kate and William, and she was in her heels and pregnant, so I felt like a bit of a wimp that I was there in my bare feet,” Janney said when she recounted the meeting to James Corden during an appearance on The Late Late Show. “She was in full-on heels, and she was my height when I was in my bare feet, it was kind of extraordinary that she’s that tall. “I told her that I was in bare feet and I told her that she should take her shoes off ’cause she’s pregnant. It was an awkward moment.”

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What might make it even worse is that Janney threw all that royal decorum right out the window when she referred to Kate as “honey.” That is an awkward moment, but something tells us the laid-back duchess probably didn’t mind.

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